What to Wear on a Yacht: Style Suggestions

You love the boating lifestyle and the great marina outdoors, and you’re wondering what to wear on a Mediterranean yacht charter. Here are a few handy tips on what to wear on a yacht to look the part.

Whether you’re about to board your chartered luxury yacht for a business brunch, a romantic moonlit dinner on deck, or a weekend of bathing and basking in Mediterranean sea and sunshine, the yacht dress code is essentially simplicity and practicality.

A Time for Leisure

Always keep in mind the very purpose of your yacht holiday and surroundings. While strikingly stylish, a luxury boat stay is an invitation to cast your cares away as you unwind on board. It’s really all about striking a balance between sporting a good look and feeling super comfortable in what you’re wearing. Don’t be too concerned about donning less sophisticated and more casual attire during your charter time at sea. Focus instead on how you will be spending your vacation time in the most relaxed manner possible.

Fashionably Functional

Make sure to bring along lightweight clothing in a soft bag for easy stowing. Shorts, Capri pants and Chinos, as well as casual shirts, tees and vests are great for lounging on deck. Yacht wear is normally available in the trademark nautical tones of red, white and blue – and let’s not forget the iconic and stylishly cool Breton stripe!

Ladies will love wearing flowy dresses, sarongs and kaftans over their bathing costumes during the day, which double as great numbers to don to a romantic dinner on board or ashore.


A Cosy Yacht Stay

When chartering a yacht in cooler weather, prepare something warm to throw on for when the evening temperature drops. A denim shirt or light jacket usually does the trick, letting you enjoy a few more hours of deck-lounging to the soothing sound of the water lapping.

The Right Footwear is No Footwear

Here’s where your pointed shoes and stilettos don’t make an appearance. It is customary in the boating world to remove one’s footwear before boarding a vessel, which will ensure a pristine-looking, hygenic boat throughout your stay. Embrace the barefoot vacation spirit, or alternatively wear light-coloured socks, soft-soled slippers or flip flops dedicated for sole use on the yacht.

Make Memories Aboard

No item too fine or precious should be brought along on board, so leave your designer suits and gowns safely in your home wardrobes to be worn for a more appropriate occasion. Good old hardy denim garments generally fit the purpose, as does basic cotton clothing.

You’ll soon feel that this yacht experience is more about enriching your quality time and fuelling your sense of adventure and discovery than about looking your best at all times. More importantly, it’s about feeling your best while taking in the surrounding natural beauty and having a fantastic time in treasured company.

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