Fabric Manipulation

Material and surface exploration for FW 20/21 becomes much more complex, combining multiple aspects suited to new age aesthetics yet grounded by exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Woolens fall on both sides of the spectrum, anywhere from densely knit micro ribs to shaggy pelts and shearlings, all of which present a comforting functionality. Performant finishes and innovative constructions for technical materials offer hyper volume and protection with the lightest weight protection to date.

Luxe materials are unveiled with improved density & suppleness applicable to both satins & leathers. Decorative prints seem mystic with wilted floral motifs in dark melancholy hues or sunset scenery tones. Sustainably minded materials prove they can be refined and effortless in premium luxury applications.

The desire for comfort carries over from previous seasons, with a deliberate “in-active” aesthetic promoted by relaxed knits and plush suitings.

Finally, expressive yarns signal artistic styling with juxtaposition and contrast serving up a much needed complementary clash.

Reference: fashionsnoop

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